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My Review Of Warframe And Ideas For Improvement.


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I have been playing the beta of Warframe for about 4 weeks now I have seen most aspects of the game. It is definitely a cool and enjoyable game that I will play for a long time. However there are a few things that I feel aren’t right in the game, witch ill talk about later.


The feel of the game

I love the Warframe’s feel and the general atmosphere is really nice and suited to the game. The fast pace of the levels in general really give me an adrenalin rush when I am playing. The open nature of the levels as well really opens up tactical variability of sniper and marksman play, something most games I find today don’t have.


The Warframe’s

I really like the style and tactical options of all the Warframe’s. They all look really cool and badass. The look of the weapons as well are really nice and new. I also like the mod system where each weapon can be unique in its own way defendant of what the player want from the weapon.


The emery’s.

I love the enemy design. Each race has there own set of unique advantages that I like as it gives the game a real degree of tactical diction making. Having the different enemy variety really make the game different as it’s not just shooting the same enemy over and over again. On a side note I would like to see some more different and unique enemy types and even differences in the standard units like if the Grineer lancer was going to drop a mod, why not allow him to use that mod while he was still alive, making him have more health, do more damage or even have a basic shield.


I really like the game however I would like to highlight a few problems I have with Warframe.


The AI

I sometimes feel that the AI is a little brain-dead and doesn’t work like it should. I sometimes I can walk up too a Grineer in full view with out them noising me and sometime they run and stand right next to me and not shoot. Maybe making the Grineer and Corpus Crewmen actively seek cover more often and not go within a predetermined range of you unless they are using melee. This I feel will make the game more fun and challenging and help me immerse into the game batter.


Weapon testing

I think there should be a testing chamber so you can test weapon blueprints before you make them. It will help people make the dictions on what weapons they want for they lodeout before wasting money, resources and weapon slot space on weapons they don’t want. Also I think that you should be able to save set lodeouts so it doesn’t take time to switch between Warframe’s.




Stealth play

I don’t think Stealth play is rewarded in any way. Not only is it really hard to do, (especially verses Corpus) it is also not really viable in my opinion, even with things like a clock shade sentinel. I think there should be more of a stealth aspect in some missions and have more of a punishment if they are detected.


Mission type and farming.

Farming the right resources for weapons is a real drag as bosses don’t always drop they resources you need and finding resource loot in level in general is sometime hard. I think having a resource capture mission will really benefit the game have even give some interesting level design making giant factories to fight in. maybe the game will be getting enough crates of resources while being attack by waves of  emery’s and then spiting some of the resources gained to each player will make farming fun and more easy.



While I like some bosses, some I don’t find very fun to battle. General Saegas Ruk is on of then. He is almost imposable to solo with out using all your revives and even then it is really hard. I think most bosses shield recharge rate need’s to be lowered so most weapons can get through the shield do damage.


The Stalker.

I like the idea of the stalker however I have been killed by him as my team doesn’t realise they have to kill him. Maybe having the announcer tell the team that he is coming and when he appears have the objective switch to killing him and protecting the target player.


I would also like to list some bugs that I have experienced in the game as well.

·        I have spawned behind a door that was not part of the level and fell through the bottom of the level into void. (on an alert mission)

·        I can’t switch between or fire primary and secondary weapon until I swing my sword or use an ability and vice versa.

·        The Stalker looks glitch as he doesn’t walk normally and just seems to float around.

·        Sometimes I can’t open lockers.

·        Sometimes in defence missions enemy’s get stuck inside walls and the defence mission becomes impossible to complete.



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