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Bundle Of Ideas (Text Wall Warning)


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This is just a list of things I thought might be cool to add to the game. Comments, criticisms, etc. would be appreciated.

Here's a quick table of contents ranked in order of importance:

1. Prime Building

2. Parkour Changes

3. Quasi-Exilus Weapon Slot Additions

4. Mastery Rank Up Rewards

5. Sprint Animations/Particle Effects




Prime Building


The Problem:

Browsing along the forums, I saw a lot of frustration over some of the newer prime weapons such as Nikana Prime. The reason was Nikana Prime has no mastery requirements, but Dragon Nikana as well as the regular Nikana, which are both inferior (dps wise at least) are mastery locked at 8 and 6 respectively.

This was a problem as people had spent so much effort to get these mastery locked weapons and put time and effort into them, only to have them replaced by something that was accessible from the start (or at least early) of the game. Worst part is Nikana Prime can be easily bought with plat from trade, giving people who paid money for plat a huge advantage (I'm not that against pay-to-win, but I am if you can get one of the best melees in the game at the beginning).


My Solution:

My idea is to replace Prime blueprints. What I mean by that is instead of having blueprints, you would need the actual weapons/frame to build to prime. This is how it would work. First, you would need to build a new segment (that would probably go on the opposite side of the ship from the void relic station thing) called the Prime Foundry (or something). Then, let's say you want to make a Nikana Prime. You would need to build a Nikana and put it in the Prime Foundry along with Nikana Prime parts to make a Nikana Prime. Same would apply to frames.

Of course, there will have to be adjustments to drop rates/appearance rates for this to work. For example, Vauban parts will have to show up in alerts more often, and Phorid manifestations would too. Also, for Prime weapons that don't have a regular counterpart, either those counterparts have to be added, or something similar be substituted in.





Parkour Changes


The Problem:

After playing Warframe for only about 500 hours, the method of transportation I've seen people use is the slide->bullet jump->aimglide+roll->repeat combo. While this get's people places faster, IMO it's really boring especially when there's this unique movement system in place. Really, this isn't that big of a deal, but still...


My Solution:

My idea is the incentivize the use of parkour stuff. What would happen is during and after you do a parkour move, you get a 50% (subject to change) speed boost. For example, if you do a wall run, your speed increases, and after you land, the speed boost stays with you for like 5 seconds (also subject to change). This would also apply to side rolls, rolling after falling for some distance, etc.

This would NOT apply to bullet jumps, aim glides, rolling forward, and sliding (unless it's for a long distance)


Side Change:

 I think it would also be cool if they replaced the animation we currently have for climing up walls. Instead of the hump the wall thing we have now, we should have a Spider-Man climb thing with the tendrils giving us traction (the tendrils from wall latch). Of course, we would only be able to climb a certain distance before doing the hump thing.





Quasi-Exilus Weapon Slot Additions


The Problem:

Right now, modding is pretty simple. Damage, Multishot, Crit/Status/Both, and elementals. However, this leaves this whole other section of mods rotting in the corner unless people are willing to sacrifice damage (which most aren't for lots of weapons).


My Solution:

The solution is pretty self explanatory, but I'll explain it just in case some of you aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. Basically, there will be two extra unlockable slots for weapons (including melees). These will either be unlockable through plat and adapters, or unlocked as you lvl your weapon to 15 and 30 (forma also resets this).

For guns, mods that can be slotted in these slots are reload speed, zoom, status duration, punch through, mag capacity, and max ammo/ammo mutation.

For melees, the mods would be status duration, counter chance, channeling efficiency, finisher damage, etc.

Dual stat mods can't be slotted however.





Mastery Rank Up Rewards


The Problem:

Having higher mastery gives you no real benefits other than unlocking more weapons and loadout slots. Once again, this isn't a really big problem, but still...


My Solution:

As the title suggests, you get rewards for successfully ranking up. This could also help players at different stages of the game. Rewards could be like this:

MR1-3: Credits

MR4-6: Rare Resources

MR7-9: Built Potatoes

MR10-12: Built Forma

MR13-15: Lenses

MR16+: ???

MR30: Grate Prime





Sprint Animations/Particle Effects


This is the final change I want to see, and though there is no problem, I think this would be cool. Each warframe should have a different sprint animation or particle effect during sprint. For example, for Titania, instead if running, she would float forwards at the rate she would if she was sprinting. For Rhino, there would be dust around his legs as he sprints. For Wukong, his bottom half would run into a cloud. The possibilities are endless. Yeah. Nothing more to say here...






Anyways, that's pretty much it. I would be thankful if you left your thoughts. Also because it's lonely...





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