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*gets popcorn*

these threads always end so wonderfully.

there are very few technical hurdles that would preclude this from happening.

there are very many business and 'walled garden' hurdles from various companies that make this borderline impossible.

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I wouldn't expect any of that.


They are only a small'ish team, I highly doubt mobile will be a thing any time soon.


Crossplay won't happen either. That takes a lot more time and resources.


Of course if you are willing to supply the hundreds of thousands of dollars for those extra resources then i'm sure they will get right on that. We look forward to your investment. 

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2 hours ago, MaxBeatz_ said:

Instead of having to transfer accounts all the time you should be able to play on multiple.and maybe have a choice to play on PS4,xbox one,or pc servers when on any of the above. 


2 hours ago, MaxBeatz_ said:

In the future I'd like to see mobile platforms also like iOS and android. And another server choose where all platforms can play together 

I want a kamehameha

A warframe that can transform into a super saiyan

A warframe that can go giant ape

A warframe that resembles Piccolo


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