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Clan Blueprints - Join, Buy, Leave?



I was just thinking about this.

So far we cant afford the cost of our own research, so i hope that the rework will come asap.

But...how does it work then?

would it be possible to join a clan, buy the blueprints, and leave again?

or would you need to build the stuff in the dojo?

I would realy want the blueprints for Supra and Lanka, but im the Warlord...would be no problem to get my title back, but it would be stupid, it would be nothing that we have reached with our own work.

So, its just about "how does it work? would it be possible?"

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mhm, thanks for the answers.

hope the rework will be released this week...want my laz0rs -.-


if someone would ask me nice and polite if he could get the blueprint from us, i would possibly let him.

i would be pissed if he would just "steal" it.

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For me, it's not about the stealing, it's just that people join your clan(which is many cases is a community) just to snatch the blueprints and run away, this isn't nice and should be more difficult for them.

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thats why i put " " around it.

if someone joins your clan, and then just leaves without a word after he has what he wants...thats just stupid.

if someone says from the beginning "im only here for blueprint X" thats something different

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