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Archwing Rotation get rid of it


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Look I know you love Archwing but please for the love of god, because the minimap is NOT 3D that means when I'm rotated any number of degrees off the "horizontal" axis in game then I have absolutely no blinkering idea where enemies or the next mission progression point is. I know you have coded in the rotation controls for Archwing rotation in game but if you play with a controller they are not physically possible therefore I'm begging you to just please please please just remove the rotation from Archwing, it adds nothing to it and actually severely detracts from it considering the limitations of the minimap in Warframe in general.



So it's left, no it's right? 


Up? Down? Left? Right? 


In addition to that, during the mission on which the screenshots were taken at 17:49 GMT on 21/11/2016 I was actually constantly rotating while flying forwards adding to further confusion.

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Tbh, I don't know why DE drowned themselves in this muddy hole of movement, I mean it's the last thing AW needs, on second thought, it doesn't even need it. There's so many problem AW has, like lack of content, progression, enemies and mission and nodes. They just wanted to make warframe like the other games, in this case, flight simulator games. 


 There's no point in 'being cool' if there's no actual place to be cool in

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The minimap does not work well with this type of camera. There should be something like the 3D radar or 3D map wich I guess will be difficult to implement. But at least a separate roll buttons can be easly added. And also a button that straighten the view while you hold it. Other weird control mechanics should be removed.

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