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Mag Dual Pistol Animations


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Mag's Noble Animation set holds Dual Pistols the way she is meant to hold a bow, causing the pistols to clip through one another.

Mag's Agile Animation set holds Dual Pistols in the same position she has for standard rifles, again causing the pistols to clip through one another.

I have tried this with a few other types of Dual Pistols and they all have the same issue.

See here for images: http://imgur.com/a/itmlX


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the animations for standing idle are of a wrong weapon, but idle special animations (the ones played once in a while, such as ember's arm stretch with dual pistols) are correct. Crouch is fine, and firing is fine.

seems to me that this bug is an easy fix. animations, I guess, are already existent game assets, and there needs only to be maybe a reassignment of animations in the animation systems (I don't know exactly how it works, but most probably you use something that maybe has a format like like When_Idle then PlayAnimation, I doubt basic condition-action systems wouldn't be in your code)

EDIT : Also, what's with the spaghetti coding? Your update gives bugs unrelated to what was added or changed. TWW should've added the maps for the quest, the models, the sounds, the other random features and stuff, but how did it happen that these changes leak into other areas of the game? I thought it'd not touch old models (I don't know how you assign animations to models, but this sort of things shouldn't happen if you add changes to other parts of the code). Maybe I overestimate the modularity of the game's structure, but maybe if there wasn't tangled code it would happen less and you'd get less nagging from the all the players who report bugs.

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