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Kuva, the latest and greatest drug addiction I and many Tenno share.  We steal it from the Grineer queen like there's no tommorow, but it's not enough, we need more. So some seemingly simple suggestions below.

1) Have the kuva guardians drop blueprints for a gear item that when used during kuva siphon results in additional kuva. This blueprint should require common resources which we're sitting on millions of (salvage / alloy plates etc...). It creates a resource sink and a boost to kuva farming. Give it maybe a 10 minute - 1 hour crafting time and the gear item is one time use so you would need more and more of these resources. Alternatively one could forgo this entirely and just have them drop a one time use kuva resource blueprint that will use those common resources. Essentially a resource sink with more kuva.

2) Similar to the first suggestion but possibly give us our own kuva siphons that we can deploy in missions. How we get a blueprint for this is up to you guys, and they can be one time use or multi use. Furthermore we currently have extractors we use to gather resources, how about a kuva extractor?

I know you guys are making some changes in how we are going ot be acquiring kuva in the near future but I think this is still a unique suggestion toward that process.

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