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had a bug just now during a Lith Relic Survival Mission with the Corpus Tileset that was on just a few minutes ago of this post. was playing excalibur prime during it and the first 10 min or so with a bunch of randoms into the mission going great. then between the 10-15 minute marks in the mission, i have excalibur prime's ult on slashing away, causing carnage, etc, when i step on accident into a corpus nullifier bubble, and naturally excalibur cancels his 4th ability, doing the whole sheathing animation and pulling out my primary weapon. go on and kill the nullifier and continue on killing folks for oxygen when i switch it up and melee attack only instead of pulling out my Galatine with it's wonderful flaming particle effects, i pull out excalibur's ult as if it was my melee, ghostly skana and everything, with full on air waves cutting further away enemies. i look at my energy and abilities, and ult's not even on. i'm able to use excalibur's ult essentially with no energy drain. though everytime i stop the melee combo, he plays the sheathing animation again. things progress further past the 15 minute mark and i try cancelling ult see if it fixes itself so i can continue my mission with out the annoying sheathing animation every time i stop attacking. suddenly i can't do anything but run around and pick up stuff. try shooting primary? doesn't fire. full clip. try switching weapons? can't or won't do it. try using an ability? says it's already in use. so i decide i'll wait 5 minutes and extract. within that 5 minutes i get bored and decide to let myself go down to see if getting back up fixes it. it does- for all of 3 seconds. only not only can i not attack now? i can also no longer pick up reactant, mods, credits, or any drops essentially. i'll run over them, it'll play the sound effect for picking it up, but the item stays on the ground, and no pop up on what i may or may not have picked up. horrible run all in all and i'm concerned i A. wasted a relic. and B. lost out on important mods and even more so credits.

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