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The fight between mother and son!


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  The Fight Between Mother and Son 


Scene 1

Lotus: "Here Tenno, prove yourself worthy of this blueprint."

Tenno: "I don't think that's how gifts wor-"


Tenno: "I don't think I'm read- I mean i don't feel like it"

Lotus: "Tenno YOU BETTER take the gift, or else i'll mark you down as not worthy!"

Tenno: "Screw you Lotus, YOUR NOT MY MUM!!!"

Lotus: "Blasphemy!!! You take that back!!!"

Tenno: *Crosses Arms* "No i don't wanna!"

Lotus: "Tenno... Suit yourself!"

[Lotus locks herself in her room]


Scene 2

[Lotus activates a com device and begins to speak to a unknown being]

Lotus: "The boy refuses to prove himself. I don't understand why he would refuse the gift."

Unknown being: "It can't be helped then, your task is done. This is now a matter for someone better suited in the art of manipulation."

Lotus: "No, I refuse to let it end like this, not after hundreds of years protecting him!"

Unknown being: "Well then, your going to have to try to fix this. He's just a child and a Tenno at that, we need him and the others."

Lotus: *Sigh* "Ok i will, but give me a while to attend to my own emotions"

[Lotus deactivates com device]


Scene 3

Ordis: "Operator, there is someone RUDELY BOTHERING- Trying to contact you. Shall I patch him through?"

Tenno: "Dammit!, Ordis can't you see I'm angry at the moment."

Ordis: "Im sorry, Operator but it seems to be someone of a very high status!"

Tenno "Ugh, Fine just patch him through to my coms."

Ordis: "Right away Operator."

Teshin: "Greetings Tenno. I have yet to see your participation in the Conclave, you must improve you- Are you angry?! No, Tenno this is... This is not the path of the mighty Tenno!" *He gives a face of great disappointment*

Tenno: "Who cares about the stupid Tenno path, do you know how hard it is to not remember anything from my past?!. I... I don't even remember what MY MOTHER... i don't even remember her face!" *Looks into the sky as if trying to remember*

Teshin: "You are wrong young Tenno, You may not remember your past or your mothers face now but it will come back in time...I hope! Now tell me, what weights on your mind young one."

Tenno: "Why should i tell you, would you even understand?"

Teshin: "Humor me."

Tenno: *sigh* "Fine! The Lotus demanded that I do this stupid mission before she'll give me my prize. But it's a Pro mission that involves the Infested. I'm not prepared for that! I haven't even been into the void yet! So after i declined she said that she'll mark me down as not worthy, what does that even mean anyway; what am i not worthy for? Anyway... I told her she wasn't my real mother and she can't tell me what to do, she probably hates me now. She told me she needed to be alone for a while, i don't know why she would be so heart broken it's not like she has any reason to-"

Teshin: *presses his hand to his forehead* "I see now. You do not know why those words cut her so deeply, do you?"

Tenno: "No i don't and that's why I am confused."

Teshin: "Well Tenno I am not the one to talk about her past, all that i can say is apologise to the Lotus and maybe ask her about how the past was. But that is not why i'm here, you should do that mission Tenno! If only to hone your skills.

Tenno: "But I'll just die!  do you have any idea how much it it hurts when the transference disconnects suddenly?"

Teshin: "I'll help you with completing that mission. But I need you to join a clan!"

Tenno: "You mean like a Brotherhood of Tenno? because if so then I have been looking at some."

Teshin: "Excellent child, Please let me help with the final decision."

                                                ------------------To Be Continued----------------------


Question: Do you like the format of the story ( Like a Script) or should i go more traditional (Like a book)?

Also, Upvote things you want added so that i can know what people want to see the most.

Please quote this with your suggestions on some dialogue if you have anything you might want to add.








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13 minutes ago, (PS4)KillerDemon365 said:

Is it boring? Any suggestions?

Scene #1, feels like all of us players had this (ie, lotus window on left), so the familiarity is there.

Scene #2, feels abit-off for a non-lore-interested for me.

On reading scene #3

Scene #3, feels more of a drama from a chinese/japan/english/other language show. Or a rant/QQ i can see when both of my friends dis-agree with each other. It feels... normal... (from my PoV)

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