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[TWW]Kuva Siphon bugs :(


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As if Kuva wasn't painful to farm already occasionally the kuva siphon spawn bugs out appearing in the mission but not doing anything. This can only be fixed by having the host alt+f4 and force a host migration which if successful will get the kuva siphon working again, allowing for it's capture. This has happened to me twice already, please take a look into it.


Sadly I have no idea what causes this issue, but in both instances when this occured the Kuva siphon spawned very early in the mission, almost as soon as all the players loaded in. Naturally we were running the dreadful Rusalka on Sedna, and prioritized capturing the target first, and we ran passed the siphon in order to do so. Then we backtracked only to find that it didn't work. Hope this helps somehow.

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