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[Spoilers] TWW - Operator Bugs and more feedback


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Yes, I know, I could just as easily put this in the megathread for TWW feedback but since I got a lot to say and some pictures to share I think this warrants its own thread. So here we go:

SInce TWW it is possible to switch into operator mode during a mission. Which is great, I like it a lot. So much so that I've decided to take it upon myself and do some Warframe challenge runs - doing missions operator only. The warframe itself is only being used as some sort of "checkpoint" at specific locations that are viable as checkpoints like those rooms where there's a bunch of loot but are otherwise empty.

As I said, loving the operator gameplay. If you experiment enough with it, you'll find that traversing tilesets with the void dash is quite fun and rewarding, should you master the art. I also like the bash and the laser a ton. It's just fun to void dash directly in front of an enemy, bash them, laser them to death and then jump, void-dash in mid-air towards the next group of enemies, lasering them all and then void-dash away like the coll person you are. I know a lot of people are gonna disagree with me on this but personally, I love the operator gameplay. And yes, I did indeed some void exterminates both on the lower and higher level missions and yes, I indeed finished the Orokin parkour rooms (or treasure rooms, as some like to call them) as the operator. Rooms that are intended for warframe parkour done as the operator. It was a lot of fun challenging myself on whether I could do it or not. However:

I'm fine with having 100 HP as the operator. Kinda makes sense they need their precious warframes in order to adequately fight most foes. The Orokin knew that. If not, they'd have sent operators just as they are into the fray probably. Operators might be powerful compared to the regular human but still very much susceptible to gunfire and such. What I'm not as fine with is the amount of energy we get. During my challenge runs it has proven quite a feat to get by with the limited energy you have. It regenerates quickly on its own of course but sometimes I wish I had just a tad more. Like, maybe 25% more. That could make all the difference. I do understand that we can't give operators infinite energy or else they'll be sneakin' 'round the tilesets stealth-killing absolutely everything. That'd be ridiculous and hella unbalanced. However just a tad more energy would be absolutely neat.

What's more: To achieve this and maybe some other improvements such as resistance to a certain type of damage or strengthening the operator's abilities, operator mods would be quite nice imo. Again, I'm sure a LOT of people are gonna disagree with me on that but to me, having mods for the operator as well could prove to be quite awesome. Because you see, right now there's only two solid reasons to switch to operator mode. The first and most obvious reason is the TWW quest itself, which requires of you that you switch. The second reason are kuva siphons. Other than that there's really no reason for anybody to play as the operator. Unless of course you're like me and like to challenge yourself by being extremely squishy and must go ever so stealthily (which is possible as I have proven to myself).

And since I don't know where to put it, some other suggestions:

Make the operator usable in the relays. Make the operator usable in the dojo. Make the operator be able to interact with kubrows and kavats. I know the first and last one are on their way to get implemented but I'm naming these for completion's sake anyway.


Now, on to some bugs!

On my travels through the origin system, I have found some... questionable things. To get this one right off the table: I know it's not a bug but intended, but I thought I'd mention it for completion's sake. Custom operator suits and custom operator hair styles (those that you have to get from the market as platinum cosmetics, the default ones are fine) don't yet get displayed in-game on missions, neither do they get exposure on the advanced profile screens. Instead, the default Zariman suit is displayed and if you are not using any of the default hair styles, the default bald hair style is displayed. For everyone. I am sure DE will get to that soon enough but I thought I'd include it here.

Next thing: playing as the operator on missions. Let's start with the minor bug, the "hair dominates face" bug, as I like to call it. This one seems to happen exclusively on the Orokin Void tileset and only in certain rooms. So far I have found four tiles in which the operator's face gets obscured by my operator's long hair that is on the back of the head. I dunno what kind of visual bug this is, but here are some screenshots for you:

I have included the bigger map on the next three screenshots so that you can see where exactly the bug happens.





Apparently, this bug seems to happen quite often in the treasure rooms that follow a parkour challenge. So anyway, on to the next couple of bugs (and probably the most severe ones regarding operator gameplay):


When playing as the operator in missions, all's well. However, only if YOU are the host. If you are NOT the host, your operator is just a wee bit bugged. For starters, ythe operator seems to be wearing two suits at once, first the suit you have selected for the operator and second the default Zariman suit - both at once. And this looks quite out of place. Here, I made two screenshots for you:





As you can clearly see, my operator's wearing the Koppra set but since I am not the host, the default Zariman suit kinda gets into the whole thing as well.

However, this whole situation is beyond mere physical appearance. When you are not the host of a squad, your operator is unable to sprint and, in very rare cases (happened to me only once), unable to use their abilities, unable to perform emotes and, most importantly, in very rare instances, also unable to switch back to warframe mode.


Those are my two cents. This is my operator feedback as well as the bugs I've found so far. Otherwise, great job DE. I am really enjoying this.

Edit Yaerion: Title modified so that it contains no spoiler in itself anymore.

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