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Can Someone Try This Combo For Me? Vulkar + Electric Shield


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Since electric shield makes bullets ignore armor, and Vulkar deals 125 damage, I think the two put together would be an immensely OP weapon.


If you did not know electric shield adds 50% damage of electricity to your weapon, elements also. And makes the weapon ignore armor.


The paris does 45 damage per bolt, and can get crits of 2k and more if modded properly, due to it being armor ignoring.


Now give 125 damage of armor ignoring, and what do we have?


Hopefully something strong. I wanted to try it out, gathered a couple mats, and started building a Volt.


Does anybody know if this combo will work? Or if they have tell me the results. Did you do an insane amount of damage? Is it worth even attempting?


Any results posted would be great for me. Thanks!



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The vulkars not a bolt type right ?

No, it is not.


With mods or without mods?


Edit: fully upgraded shield or normal?

Does upgrading the shield increase the damage? If so, either unranked or max ranked. With max focus or with no focus. *Not sure if that helps*


With mods would be nice, but no mods is acceptable as well. Just a way to give me an understanding of whether or not to throw a potato at these two for a nice combo. Paris just is just boring to me now /:

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