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Major Operator Bug


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Hay Guys

So I'm in a mission and farming for relics, where I have came across a very game-breaking bug. When you go into your operator mode and fall out the map, and then re-cast Operator mode, and re-cast it another time. (As you are falling endlessly). You'll die as the Operator.

At this point, you will be unable to return to your frame at all, As well, if you get killed and rev yourself, you'll become even more glitched out. You will be unkillable, unable to return into your frame, and still being able to kill (With Ult Energy). To Team-mates you are Invisible.

Over-Time, you'll lose all powers and turn completely  invisible, Unable to Die, Unable to return to your frame, and moreless not be able to do anything at all.. 


How To Reproduce: 

1. Operator Mode & Fall Out Map

2. Use Operator mode (Twice) Mid-Flight.

3. You'll Spawn (Or Die) As The Operator

4.  Get Killed (Unless you not died before)

5. Then Profit


So, yeah this is -very- game breaking and after a while, you are unable to get rewards at the end (In Introspection missions, etc) 




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