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Volt lore


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He was never just a memory. 


He was feared and revered. He was acknowledged. 


He was known as a demon, "The lightning Onin", he was thought to be Kirin/Qilin; a mythical beast from mythology. 


He was praised by kings and lords and had slain the kings and lords of his enemies.


He stood on the battlefield and roared on the battlefield faster than the eye could see, faster than the blood that would be dripped from his foes.


He was glorious, he was indeed glorious. Honour and glory he fought. Travelled and became a master himself.  


Not much is known about him. He was fast. Some questioned if he really did exist. 


He was neither the first nor the last. But he stood as the first and the last on the battlefield, when everyone else had fallen. He prepared for his final bout against the greatest numbers. 


Hundreds of wounds inflicted, left scared. He stood on his sword, fading. The "oni" was no more. 


He was indeed glorious. 


Now awoken, his powers no longer what they use too be, the scars on him still remained yet he still fights despite the pain, despite the injuries, he remains a warrior. 


(this is a reference to having low armour in the game and you can interpreted this as he losted his powers and no longer the Prime version of himself) 


He was never 'just' a memory... 



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