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The Power of the Dream Concept


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The reason behind the name of this thread is NOT because it is an addition to the Second Dream storyline. The name comes from the fact that this concept appeared to me in a dream. Just getting this out of the way before going into it: That's it! No more free-range soybeans before bed!


Here is what I dreamed about:


Eventually, the greater galactic community comes to the Origin System. The Grineer, experimenting with a new power source, comes into first contact with non-Sentient aliens (c'mon, Sentients can't be the only aliens!) . After a clash between the Grineer and the Aliens (Open to suggestions), to which the Tenno aid against the Grineer, the Tenno become part of the greater galactic community. The only problem is that Tenno are not used to being accepted as friends and allies (the reason being that history tells us that ninjas in Japan had reputations as thieves and criminals), and the aliens are extremely wary about Tenno because of their abilities.


Here are the major things that were in the dream:

1. Corpus immediately begins making public offers to the greater galactic community (now referred to as the GGC), but profit is rising too slowly for Nef Anyo's liking.

2. The GGC has put an intergalactic ban on genetic engineering before encountering the Origin System, but the Grineer are not willing to follow this ban.

3. The GGC has an encounter with the Infested, and Tenno are the only ones who can counteract the sudden outbreak. It leads the GGC Elites working with the Tenno encountering Lephantis.

4. The Tenno have another chance to prove themselves when Xenomorph-analogues attack an alien colony, only to learn that there is much more to the Xenomorph-analogues than the GGC realizes.

5. The center of power for the GGC (Think Coruscant from Star Wars or the Citadel from Mass Effect) has discovered the ancient Orokin Empire and are doing archaeology work, but Teshin believes that there are ghosts in the Orokin Ruins that are best left undisturbed.

6. Here was the most shocking thing about the dream, the Sentients are actually a respected member of the GGC! This is also a chance for the Developers to flesh out their culture.

7. #5 leads to the discovery of the Orokin Void by the GGC, leading them to experiment with it. Can the Tenno stop history from repeating itself?

8. Stalker (or Shadow Stalker, depending on how far you are in the main storyline) attacks the Tenno while in a crowded place with members of the GGC. Can the Tenno prevent collateral damage, while keeping themselves from falling in the eyes of the GGC?

9. The GGC are extremely curious about Tenno Weapon technology, specifically the use of Bows, Throwing Knives, Throwing Stars, and Melee weapons when the rest of the GGC don't use such "primitive" weapons. This might eventually lead to raids on Tenno Dojos.

10. Red Veil assassins kill a key Grineer Diplomat before a key negotiation, but the reason is that the Grineer were planning to-

and I was just about to discover the plan of the Grineer when the dream ended and I woke up. Curse you, rising of the sun!



This is the part where I ask both DE and players to come up with Alien Races for my dream because I can't remember exactly what alien races were in my dream. This is what I remember from the dream: One race has the role of Diplomat and Mediator; another was a warlike race that serves as primary military; a third was super-intelligent scientist race; and a fourth was basically a "merchant's guild". The only thing that I won't accept are aliens that are already part of copyrighted works, so no Star Wars, no Star Trek, no Mass Effect, or otherwise.


I close this post with these lines:

If we shadows have offended,

Think but this--and all is mended--

That you have but slumber'd here

While these visions did appear.

And this weak and idle theme,

No more yielding but a dream.

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