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Riven Challenge (Headshot Counter Issue)


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After completing TWW, I got my first Riven mod, the challenge, to get 4 headshots on an enemy during an aim glide. And ever since the Quests release, I have still been unable to do it.

I've tried it on various factions, Grineer, Corupus, etc. Whenever I get headshots, they simply don't apply towards the counter. I've been trying for WEEKS, but the counter simply wont go up. I believe it has something to do with the HeadHitbox, I've seen the counter go up by 1 sometimes at random, only to hit 0 again once I touch the ground. I've used a Soma with a fire rate build, a Latron with a anti-recoil build, nothing seems to work. I've used Boobins Bastille, and Nova's slow. I've even gone with Rhino's stomp. It's my first Riven mod, and I really want to unveil it, but I seem unable to. Any suggestions, or conformation would be great.

I can submit video evidence of myself doing the challenge, without the counter going up as well if proof is needed.

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I want to add on to this and say that I had gotten the riven mod challenge fullfilled in one mission, but then in the next mission, after coming out of Titania's 4th ability the riven mod flashed up saying that I only had 39/52 kills done. I had even seen the mod unveiled, but when I looked at it, it was still veiled.

Thanks guys.

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