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Nekros & Nekros Prime Summons


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Ok it's been 3 months since Nekros prime came out and since they revamped him.

Most of the changes where alright even if they took some getting used to and Nekros Prime removing the shield cap was welcomed though we shouldn't have had to wait for Prime to do that.

Having said that I feel his summons are incredibly underwhelming now and in practice and use they feel weaker.

I play (and have always played) a summoner build for Nekros. I realize I'm in a minority there as people mainly build loot monkey but that avenue never interested me, the summoner aspect did. The first thing that has really made an impact on the feel of the summons is the new summon cap of 7. Despite being an ok number the summons feel less effective then before, primarily because the strength and firepower each summon brings to bare isn't that high even at later levels and the numbers usually are the only thing making up for it when used offensively. Before the fix I would usually summon 14 to 15 shadows. At this number Nekros became a great area denial frame who could be sent out to hold an area making this incredibly useful during interception, defense or even creating road blocks in capture missions. It was incredible useful and versatile even if it required a lot of work to achieve.

While not asking for a full return to those numbers (as with the shadows' current strength, doubling the number of them would make the ability far to powerful unless they brought each shadow's power down to where they used to be before the update) I would love to see a slight increase (maybe up to a max of 10 shadows. This increase could even be locked to the Nekros Prime).

Next is their HP. While being able to heal your summons through recasting is nice, the trade off of the ticking timer for their HP has flat out weakened them duration wise compared to before. Even good builds their ticking HPs mixed with taking damage and their HP and duration is gone in no time add in shield of shadows and my summons last less time then they used to back before the update. I'd love a fix for this an easy one I could see is making their HP slightly lower and no drain. Your summons take enough damage as is from enemy fire and if you're running Shield of Shadows they take EVEN MORE damage and there are fewer summons to spread that damage between please don't have the tick down as well.


That's all for Nekros in general. NOW Nekros Prime.

While an novelty at first the sludge covered shadows of Nekros prime are an eye sour, their entire bodies look like walking mold sculptures and honestly the old look of the summons was better in comparison. If the sludge was dialed back or you just went with a (this would take much longer) damaged version of each summon or a layer that gets applied to them. If nothing else a return to the old shadows' appearances would be welcomed maybe with the bloom turned down on each one or dial back the glow on them so bright colors aren't blinding.

The sludge is a 100% cosmetic concern that I just wanted to voice.


Thank you for reading.

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Non-loot monkey Nekros feels like it has long been long neglected, and an afterthought at best... I don't really have much to add unfortunately, as it all looks pretty good but this DOES need to reach more eyes


I've heard something about a highly defensive build using one of Simaris' augments, but that's centred around Nekros Loot-monkeying it up to lower his HP, then nabbing all the Armour upping HP orbs AND Running shield of Shadows. kinda requires a bunch of specialized mods from the sounds of it and just like someone spent way too long figuring out how to both be tanky like Summoner Nekros while still being a damn loot monkey >.<

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