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Unable to relic farm! I really want Nekros!


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I have done several missions on Belenus in the Void and made it to wave 20 each time.. each time it says we earned a relic ea. 5 waves, all different relics.

During extraction it says we only got one relic.. and when I got to my relic thing in my ship, I got NO relics 

A few times I have gotten 1 relic.. but never got the 2-4 relics I EARNED.

This is a game breaking glitch, and is very depressing because I'm fairly new (mastery rank 4) and trying to get all the pieces for Nekros.. or any other prime warframe.

 But can't properly farm mobile defenses or survival missions without getting 0-1 relic per misson instead of the 2-4 I earned! Quite depressing.. and there's some missions I want to stay at for a solid hour.. but I'd waste my time and only get 0-1 relics during extraction, even though at the end of each 5 waves it says I got a relic, 20 waves, so should be 4 relics..

Tested on other mobile defenses, and happens 90% of the time, anywhere, on my Xbox One Warframe.

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