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Tenno (opperator) suggestions


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Hi DE,

I love the new tenno mechanics where we gets to run around and actuary interact in actual mission is absolutely fantastic and I love it. I also think there are rooms for improvements and I do hope there will be more features added in the future. I do like to suggest some improvements that and wish it can be added:

1) Allow tennos to carry weapons
I know this will screw gameplay but that's why its a wish. But why? well now that we get to actuary interact in missions. I like to be able to do more then just using the basic ability introduced by TWW. I mean we Tennos spent so much time building up our mastery ranks and as the Tenno in the flesh cant carry weapons feels kinda empty and weird. A new loadout screen similar to Archwing and Conclave might work but I don't know...  

2) Tenno's health linked to MR
To be more survivable and makes MR ever more important.

3) tennogen for tenno!!
Let the community to add in more content for the tenno and less work for DE.

Love you guys DE. 

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