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Weird reflection/shadow glitch.


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This glitch has been around for ages but I've never really had the time to post about it. Not really sure what is is or what causes it. But there're some weird glitches with shadows and reflections that cause almost like a light/texture barrier shadow.... Kinda weird explanation. Here are some screenshots:



Look at dangly bit on sword



Strange shadow glitching around the head of the frame. (The body of the frame also does this, but it's harder to capture.



Reflections seem to pull pack further than they need to



Glitchyness ensues



More glitchiness around head of frame.


These bugs do happen quite frequently during other maps and missions and stuff. Usually, happens a lot with textures that have a level of reflection or shine to them. I just took the screenshots in my ship cause it was easier to get them.

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