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Can't unlock Europa Junction


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1 hour ago, yohaseo said:

try phase specter, that had worked for me

Might try that eventually. Would need to get the blueprint etc. Though from scanning these forums it seems that this bug has been around since at least July this year, so five months, with a new thread posted here every week or so. It also seems that DE has never given any answer as to why or what we're supposed to do in any of those threads.

Since I literally can't progress because of this it seems more likely that I'll simply shelve the game until this is fixed or at least addressed.

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there have been a few of them for various reasons, the junctions are just a bit wonky right now, a few things not being tracked as they should but it is kind of understandable for the lack of response since they were working on the war within, so i suspect that they will be looking at and making sure the junctions are working as they should soon if not already

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