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Riven disposition list needs adjustment


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I like the fact that weaker weapons have stronger riven mods, but it needs adjustments.

A good example is the dread and the paris prime. They performance is really similar, dread is only slightly better, but is more used because aesthetics/annoying paris sound/cool factor.

Another one is synapse and amprex. Sure, the amprex has 20% more DPS, but far worse ammo economy.


And there are the weapons that i just can't imagine why they got the faint/neutral disposition.

No. 1 is the ignis. Does anyone use it to kill enemies? It is undeniable that no other weapon can break containers faster, so the gun is used widely. The riven mods would almost make it useable against enemies, but nope. Look at this:


Aren't the stats familiar? here's some help if not:


That is what faint disposition means.


And then there is the Zarr. I guess players don't use it because

  • they don't even know how to get kuva (or use all their kuva on riven mods)
  • they haven't maxed (potatoed, forma'd and a focus lens installed) it yet
  • they don't like the gun

Otherwise it is a really strong weapon, Adding neutral riven to it doesn't help either of those issues. Also, the Zarr has been released literally at the same time as the riven mods. Why would you release something that instantly needs a bandaid? Are future weapons going to be balanced around riven disposition? I don't think it is a good idea...


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7 minutes ago, Klavinmour said:

No weapon will be balanced around Riven mods.

Riven Mods have entirely random stats, you can't balance a weapon for stats it MIGHT randomly gain.

Exactly. Also the Mods are still only in "test" phase, so it will most like change again very soon. And i think DE has the stats to know which weapons to make faint, even thought it might not seem logical for us players.

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3 hours ago, Naftal said:

Amprex has a lot more dps than just 20% more over synapse. If you didn't know, it chains and essentially deals aoe damage.

I do know about the arcs, and i've assumed that the synapse does the same. I'll edit the OP.

3 hours ago, pauli133 said:



Nice try, but the energy wave of the telos boltace has only 9m range,  (23,85 with primed reach) while  the ignis has a base range of 40m (52 with sinister reach, further increased by firestorm) and 2m innate punch through. You can literally clear all but the largest tiles under 2 seconds.

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