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Riven Mods - Making the System Fun, Enjoyable


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The Riven system is terrible. We all get that. Almost no one has anything positive to say about it. Which is fitting; its a terrible system undeserving of praise. 

So lets fix it:

-Introduce Rivens for for all Weapons and Warframes. Do this STAT. This is key.

-No more negative-only mods. Every negative should offset a positive, at most. No Riven mod should be able to generate all negatives. How did this get past testing...oh, wait, this is PC. We ARE the testers. Seriously, we should get paid for this at this point.

-No more limits/caps on Riven mods in our inventory. This is just...stupid. Sorry; no other word for it. I mean, way to discourage people from trying to get loot. Why bother introducing loot to be chased if there are limits on how much we can hold...?

-Put Riven mods on loot tables ALL OVER THE Game. Stop forcing your Sorties. They are universally awful experience. Possibly the worst end game in modern gaming. No, scratch that; remove the possibly part. Its all horrible, bloated damage sponges, one shot deaths and CC Cheese. They arent fun. So stop trying to force them. Rivens should drop all over the place. Just playing the game should net you Riven mods. 

Low level planets should net Riven mods with 1-2 stat changes. Higher levels should introduce more and better possible combinations.

-Completing a Sortie should GUARANTEE one Riven mod per day, IN ADDITION to actual Sortie rewards. You want people playing, right? Not just realizing they should skip today because its another your level 100, godawful, pseudo-invincible bosses almost no one actually likes. Right?


In short: Riven mods should be a common loot item, all over the Void, and the Star Map. Enemies should drop them. Containers should drop them. Players should receive Riven mods in DROVES. This would mean TONS of loot to chase, just by playing the game however you want, and tons of builds and loadouts to experiment with. Which would mean lots of reasons to play, because you would KNOW every mission would grant new rewards and unlock new play style possibilities.

Seriously, why is something so basic, so hard to understand? Please, find a lead designer with a coherent creative vision for Warframe. And then STICK TO that vision. Stop trying to reinvent - heck, to REDISCOVER - the Wheel every update. Tons of games have implemented successful loot systems, good boss fights, excellent late game skill tree expansions. None of this is revolutionary territory. And yet Warframe seems incapable of learning from ANY of what has gone before. 


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