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Relay Improvements


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So I have always been a huge fan of the relay system where players can interact and socialize with one and other. But Relays don't serve that much purpose overall in the game; you might go there to mess around with all your syndicates and whatnot, as well as interact with other players and finally Baro Ki'teer (or maybe Baro Ki'tear :P) when he comes every fortnight. And yep that's about it.

But don't you sometimes think going to the 3 same relays may be boring? because I do! So maybe what could happen is to implement a system where we are able to rebuild past relays that were formorianed with the community's resources if they are willing to. Of course there will be the odd person who may complain about needing to farm more for resources; but this is in fact another way to bring the community closer.

Now of course you may be asking yourself why should I partake in this at all since this has no benefits to me whatsoever; in which you are correct. BUT. I believe the relays should provide minor global buffs towards players that can help them along with their missions; but they should not be too overpowered or underpowered. Now because relays provide minor buffs but are enough to increase a player's in game power enough to take on slightly higher leveled enemies. But what higher leveled enemies are there in the game apart from that of the sortie and the raid missions? Well hopefully DE finally decides to add some form of late game to the game to that we can see these passive buffs used within high tier missions.

Now we may have more relays in the game but that's complicated for finding our ol' friend Baro Ki'teer. A simple fix for this may be to add a mission button that specifically brings you to the relay Baro Ki'teer is in to save you searching for the relay he may be in; but then this is a minor complication because you get a nice letter off him telling you where he is. On top of having more relays that provide buffs globally to players it may mean enemy factions in the game may start looking out to destroy them seeing as they are a threat now, rather than just pretty community hubs that orbit a planet. This can increase the usage of Archwing due to the enemy attacks on the relay. By increasing the possibility of these attacks players may get rewarded with rarer items within the game.

Another improvement to the relays may be to have different skins for each one depending on which ever the community were to vote for. This of course will not be great fun for DE to do in a short time. Or if they were to implement this into the game they
would be pre-done so that once the relay has finished construction it'll be there for the more important bit of Warframe; that being fashion. 

If this is an improvement you personally would like to see implemented feel free to rate it up! And if you personally see any room for improvement to this idea please add it into the thread :).

If you have read this far I thank you for spending time reading this post!

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