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I was about to post a topic asking the same


WHY THE HECK in 2016 there isnt a version for linux? WTF?

Over 2500 games(Total of all systems: around 5000) have a linux version on Steam.

0,89% of the Steam players are Linux users. It means that NOW, there's over 100,000 people playing steam games on linux(wich means more than 2x the number of players playing Warframe now)

If in 2015 steam had 125 MILLION users, probably today it has around 200 Million. So there are over 2,000,000  Linux users on Steam.

(Ah and remember: Most users of Linux prefer free games, so warframe would get a lot of new players doing this)



Then why there isn't a Linux version?WTF is DE thinking?

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