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If I Were to Rework: Mag


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Mag was my first Warframe. She has a certain place in my heart, but it's not always been a good place. I came to DESPISE her when she was the Corpus-only nuke frame. I want to see her be versatile, useful, and easy to learn as a starter frame.

ISSUES (I have)


Mag currently lacks major power synergy, is generally viewed as too weak, can at times be a hindrance to her team, and lacks survivability.



Pull is currently useful as short-term crowd control and little else. If I were to adjust it, it would deal increased damage to magnetized targets, and I would replace its augment with the following:

Pull Away - Pull Augment: Pulled enemies are disarmed.

Attractor is fun, powerful, and very interesting, however it blocking allies remains an issue. While one might think "Well, Frost does that too, it's not so bad." Frost's snowglobe is a one-way bubble, whereas Attractor blocks allied shots. I would alter attractor so that to allied shots fired from WITHIN the attractor (including the user's) have some randomization in trajectory, much like Turbulence, but less pronounced. This way allies are still able to shoot through the attractor, but with only a slight reduction to accuracy. Enemy shots will still home in on the attracted target. I'd also adjust the casting speed, as it is currently possible to attempt a cast only for the target to die before the attractor appears, resulting in wasted energy. I'd also have it pull enemies in slightly more. Not as much as Vortex, but just a bit to reel them in.

Polarize is SO CLOSE to where it needs to be. Double the speed at which the power spreads, half its duration. And drop its cost to 50 energy. There is NO reason for it to cost 75 by default.

Crush sucks. I had hope that it would be reworked into ANYTHING else, but apparently a non-scaling, movement restricting, short term stun with a limited range is "Just fine". I disagree. To increase synergy, Crush should pull ALL armor shards nearby onto Mag, giving her increased armor for a duration. This will bolster her survivability, and make good use of shards. To make this an actually useful attack, have it cause magnetic procs on the final burst, thus making it useful against shields, convert ALL of its damage to magnetic damage, change the description to "Magnetize enemy armor to itself, crushing the victim inside" and have the attack scale with enemy armor. This makes it useful against high level Grineer AND Corpus, allows her to counter defenses, and gives armor shards more reason to exist.

Under this rework for Crush, the augment would be changed to Crippling Crush - Crush Augment: Survivors of Crush are slowed by 50% for 10 seconds.


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