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[SPOILER] Stuck as operator


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I was playing a solo syndicate mission. An Exterminate for Steel Meridian. I was playing as Ivara, scanning all the enemies while searching for Insigna and killing grineer. Since they killed me. Then instead of asking me to Revive I was forced to play as the operator. And invincible operator who cannot return as warframe. Every time my healt reaced 0 it automatically refulled. My warframe was there, on the ground, dead. I cannot did anything so I decided to go ahead and finish the mission. I founded some more insigna and killed, with patience, all the grineers. BUT.. reached the extraction.. I cannot extract. There was the animation to return WF but nothing happened like every time I tried during the mission and this time after the animation I got stuck. I tried the unstuck command but nothing. I cannot even quit the mission because even the ESC key didn't worked.. I had to shut down the game from the tusk manager and lose everything i got from that mission. And was a lot of stuff.
Is that happened to someone else?

(I try to ask this, hopeless) There is a way to have back all the stuff i looted and the rep from scan and syndicate?

Thank you for your time.

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