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liset placement issues.


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here little sendo is, trying to make an amazing chandelier out of ayatan statues, when im litterally at the end of the chandelier, it will not allow me to place the last 8 statues. please fix, if this is waay to vauge {which it is} tell me how to add pictures. i will. 


if you look at the roof of your liset, you will see this clear part above where you spawn when your game starts. this clear part has lights in it, and it slants down into the window of ur liset. well before that slant is where my statues go, and where the game wont allow them to go. please fix DE


litterally ive spent all night and a lot of plat on this chandelier, please fix this. and tell me how to add pictures. 




steam link to picture at least


not finished chandelier

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