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Immortal Enemies


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14 hours ago, (PS4)erzengel1985 said:

Thanks man lol that dang moa made us lose 3 valykr Bp relics too bad can't get those rewards back 

I saw the pic and thought I recognized you name. Now I wonder how...

Also, this bug is most annoying on Mot. It's happened the last 3 times I've lasted over 40 minutes there. One time my Chesa Kubrow disarmed an invincible heavy gunner. I've also encountered this once in sortie defense. The difference I noticed there was that the enemy was suck in one spot, repeating an animation, and abilities would cast on it, but with no effect. On Mot, they moved normally, and abilities would show up on every enemy around them. (I mainly observed with Reckoning, BTW.)

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