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Infested Idea


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but in all honesty ...this is an interesting concept. EX: have a melee weapon perform a lower body slash animation and the runner turn into a crawler.

this would be something that might make the infested almost zombie'ish, that inability to feel pain as it becomes desperate to end you, scrambling across the floor.


then upon stunning them ...you relies ...they had legs the whole time

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I think we more enemy types for the infested. I also think we should try to distance away a little from the Flood.

Having mangled up bodies as enemies should be the first step of the Infestation.
As time goes on the Infested completely redesign the machine and/or organism to something far more efficient and deadly. Remember the Juggernaut
Perhaps we could have human infested
Like how the Zerg use evolution to their advantage.

In Digital Extremes "Dark Sector" as the game progressed the infestation got better and created completely new creatures from the hosts. 





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