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I am very disappointed with all of your last content
Starting with TWW
In general is okay, but it lacks many things, it is extremely short, ultra easy, at the end of the story you stay as WTF that's it?
The final fight truly a failure, this is far from a challenge
Being so easy new content is finished in a few minutes
As they lack more history about the queens, they explained little and nothing about them
Is far from just approaching the quality of the second dream
It really seems that they presented a content for new players who do not understand neither pope of the game
I think there was a lot of expectation with that story due to the content presented later and the promotions that made it to the new story, this was like backwards rather than progress
Everything is very incomplete

It would have been better if as you progress in history on the planets it is more difficult and present challenges, but they are making everything so easy for new players, who are neglecting veteran players
There are no decent challenges within the game anymore and it becomes monotonous and boring
Even the stalker is pathetic now

As for the new prime pack is another disappointment
This pack is like the mag in valkyr version?
I was expecting a lot from this warframe and just made it a nasty helmet ...
A liset prime? Just added a couple of gold bars? That little creativity they had
The operator's suit leaves much to be desired sincerely
He looks really sloppy it was not his best job
Cernos prime seriously? How many Cernos are you going to put inside the game?
Having so many other weapons ...
The trailer was simply nefarious
Many people say the same and think that they really did not have much desire to work in this pack

And please do not come with that we do not complain because it is a free game
Many people pay a lot of this game and without players this game is dead
Please have a little more consideration with veteran players
Use a translator, I hope I have expressed myself properly

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