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Caustacyst, not giving up on this weapon


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Ok... Caustacyst has been (righteously) "fixed" by removing the slash (that it doesn't have) proc.
"Fixed" because I don't feel it works properly. What makes it different is its ability in the charge attacks and it's there where I can't think it's working good.

It has two things to consider:

-the goop. It's pretty clear to me that the goop is just made to stagger, no damage is supposed, BUT, it doesn't stagger! Some enemies start their animation, or, while are they doing it, won't get affected if they don't stop doing what they're doing, or they just don't get affected at all.
After a gunner finishes his knockdown ability, it recovers- not stunned anymore.
Same goes for ancients when they try to grab you.

-the accurate and slow wave. It's affected by damage mods and type, channeling damage but nothing else. It baffles me.
It's not affected nor by power range, nor by status chance (I feel like we should be able to get some glaive mods for it).
Why is that (please, refrain yourself from saying stuff such as "It would be op" or "it won't make much sense to use other weapons" as there would be an enormous list of what's actually op and/or doesn't make much sense to use something else)?

I think it's pretty fair to compare it to the Zenistar, since the mechanics are pretty similar. Zenistar, on the other hand, is affected by power range, damage and types and status chance, but it's not affected by channeling mods. To be honest, that's a trade I won't mind, not to mention, the Blast proc will do the job of unalerting the enemies eventually.

Both can be used for close quarters by being melee, but little details are: Caustacyst has a more defensive-attack measure, Zenistar defensive-protective.

If there's an oxymoron that I can find is about Volt and Frost. Volt's shield is used to create a cover in front of you, it's little and doesn't obstruct anything. Frost's globe is used to cover you in a 360°, it stays for an eternity, it's fairly large and obstructs any fire that comes from the outside.
For Volt to be able to cover in an efficent defensive way, he would need to make more istances of shields wich will take some time, while Frost will cover the zone in an instant.
Safe to say you would want to use Volt shield for more dynamic and aggressive actions and Frost for static and defensive ones.

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