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What I would love to see for Mesa Prime


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I have no inclination that Mesa Prime will come out anytime soon. I do love the frame though, I typically play her more and more each day though I tend to get saddled running my Trinity more than I would like to (either because of bad pugs or just on groups that don't feel safe without a trinity around). In either case I just have one thing I would say I would love to see for a Trinity Prime pack, that would make it a definite buy for me;

Mesa Prime needs a Duster. Complete that Western motif and bling her up. To use an image from Red Steel 2 of the protagonist there, I would imagine something like what he wears;




Of course you would have to imagine that as a female but honestly, that would be a practical instant buy from me if Mesa Prime came with a duster. I wouldn't even care if she didn't get any other stat buffs or anything else to be honest.


The rest of her pack I would say should probably include a Sybaris Prime, and hrmm maybe AkVasto or AkMagnus Prime *shrugs* I know Sybaris Prime would be another tick on that instant buy list for me.

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