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Oberon Animations Tweak


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Oberon may not be an extremely end-game viable warframe, or the most loved one out there, but it would be nice to see his animations be upgraded to having a bit of his 'Holy Energy' emitting from him when he goes through his idle animations. No change to the animations themselves, just a bit of a halo or a glow or something to bring about that 'Paladin' effect. I love Oberon even if I don't play him a lot during most missions, so it would be nice for him to have some special effects like most other warframes do during their idles.


I also use his animation for a lot of other male frames, seeing as it is the only one with a 'normal' stance. The others are all a touch extravagant in their posture, Oberon is just calmly confident, and it's a posture that I enjoy seeing on most of my frames.

It's not like I actually expect it to be done, I'm sure everyone is busy with other things, but it would be really nice to see.

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