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Lua Agility Test


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  • 4 weeks later...

Apparently this is still an issue and should be addressed as I just did two lua crossfire missions where I got stuck in the tube while playing rhino with iron skin on. I have to do another challenge but kept getting agility while playing rhino so I cant even do the new War Within Mission until I get another challenge complete and these tests seem to be bugging out a lot now. Even had the endurance one bug out and not give me rewards twice now so I didn't get the completion for the rail unlock.

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Maybe don't do it with Iron Skin on? And you don't miss out any orokin vaults rewards. When the test is complete the portal opens and stays opened for everyone. But the tubes, you just redo the test. The tubes still work even after someone reaches the portal.

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Well first it should be fixed instead of just passing over it as it wastes people's time. Unless DE wants to put information about each of their bugs in the descriptions for the missions/quests than they should address them and actually fix them. Granted that is a work around but I did not know at the time that it was specifically the Iron Skin until I googled for the glitch and found this which was apparently a month ago and is still a problem.

Also the two times I did it I was solo so waiting would not actually work. Several times now I have tried doing a public LUA but the other players just rush through the level before some of them can be completed. Unless you do those with a static group most of the pugs wont even communicate with you to get these done and will rush and force the countdown to extract.

So its a very bad design issue to gate their newer content behind content that is...

   1. Broken for certain classes at this time it also seems to happen with Nezha's Warding Halo as well as Rhino in Iron skin

   2. More than just 1 challenge is broken as I stated earlier that the Endurance Test is also broken though not sure what is triggering it

   3. Completing the Challenges is completely subject to your group. I.E. there is the Co Op Test which requires you group to actually agree to doing them,      which most do not. And the soloable ones are subject to people forcing you to evacuate before you find them or complete them.

So thanks for the idea but it doesn't work so well as I've just done 2 LUA, Crossfire and Capture; and both times the groups just did the mission and didnt even respond to me asking them to help with the Tests.

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