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Warframe Concept: Archaeon (Sorcerer/Monk Warframe)


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This is Archaeon, the ancient, the librarian.

Health: 200

Shields: 0

Armor: 250

Speed: 0.90

Energy: 200



Frail: Archaeon's aged body is limiting in ways. Engaging in open combat and taking damage will build stress. Stress increases by 0.1% per second and 0.1% for every point of damage taken to health. As stress increases, Archaeon will begin to fade, slowing down, vision blurring, aim suffering, taking more damage, and will have to exert more energy to cast abilities. However, after a certain number of bullets have been fired or a certain amount of damage done by him, he will enter a combat high, where he will be more resistant to damage and even passively regenerate energy. During the combat high, effects of stress are nullified. Archaeon is also partially immune to any nullifying effects, where instead of powers being canceled or prevented, they use 100% more energy and are 50% weaker. The combat high will also have a certain intensity, and at 100% intensity, he will enter hypermode, where powers are 10x more powerful but use 10x more energy and nullification has zero effect. Energy passively regenerates at 20 points per second uninterrupted by powers. If he maxes out on energy while in hypermode, he will overload and vent all his energy, tearing himself and even nearby allies apart in a lethal explosion stretching 200m. Combat high intensity increases by 1% for every 10 rounds fired, or every 1000 damage dealt.


Archaeon is well versed in many arts, and depending on the school of thought he is currently attuned to, his abilities will change.

1. School of thought: cycle through his four schools of thought by pressing (1). The four schools available are the School of the Mountain, the School of the Puppeteer, the School of the Dragon, and the School of the Prophet

School of the Mountain:

1. (Hold for 2 seconds) Stone Heart: Doubles Archaeon's base armor at a cap of 500 and reduces the cost of the next power by 50%. Armor buff is permanent. Teammates within 25m of Archaeon will also have their armor doubled permanently.

2. Mystic Armor: Archaeon protects himself in void armor, negating all damage received. Damage received will drain energy depending on severity, and steadily, albeit very slowly, drain energy for being active. Remains active in other schools.

3. Serenity: Archaeon stops to meditate, regaining health and reducing his stress levels. Allies within 50m will also benefit from this and even have energy restored.

4. Immortal Gate: Archaeon blesses an ally with unlimited energy and invulnerability for 15/20/25/30 seconds. If cast again, it will cancel the last one.

School of the Puppeteer:

1. (Hold) Enslave: Traps an enemy in an illusion, making him oblivious to the world around him for 10/15/20/25 seconds. Attacking the enemy will end the illusion.

2. Puppeteer: Archaeon suspends an enemy by strings, allowing him to torture them to death. Each burst of damage will require a chunk of his energy bar.

3. Possession: Archaeon morphs and invades the body of an enemy, taking control of them. Consistent energy drain while possessing.

4. Illusionary Gate: Archaeon casts an enemy into a never ending illusion, buffing them and forcing them to fight for the tenno until death.

School of the Dragon:

1. (Hold) Rain of Fire: Fireballs rain from above, causing damage to enemies in a nearby area.

2. Wrath of the Void: Violent energy bursts forth from Archaeon, dealing extreme damage. Every blast will require a small chunk of Archaeon's health. Can be used until the player dies.

3. Breath of the Cosmos: Archaeon fires a continuous beam of radioactive energy, dealing more and more damage as time passes, but also uses more energy as time passes up to a limit. Wherever he is on the battlefield, he will stop in place if cast (for example, if in the air, he'll be suspended in the air as he fires his laser,).

4. Cataclysmic Gate: Archaeon summons a cataclysm, destroying everything as wild winds of fire, ice, toxins and lightning sweep forth from his fingertips to annihilate enemies. Cannot be used for too long or Archaeon will lose all his energy and be stunned temporarily by fatigue.

School of the Prophet:

1. (Hold) Old Man's Rest: Archaeon slows time to a crawl for himself and allies. Active for as long as the power button is held down.

2. Invocation: Archaeon teleports to an enemy's location, causing said enemy to implode in the process. Has a chance to spawn a friendly infested ally. If the enemy is not killed by invocation, they will instead simply take damage and be knocked down.

3. Spirit Walk: Archaeon leaves the realm, walking freely as a spirit. He will not be seen by enemies, Lasers and other traps will not detect him. Lasts for 3/4/5/6 seconds.

4. Triangular Gate: Consumes a single target in heavenly flames. Damage is lethal. It is as if they never existed in the timeline in the first place. Uses two thirds of Archaeon's current health on top of energy. Can only be used on enemies, not bosses. Sentients are vulnerable to this.


Careful of the knowledge you're about to learn, tenno, it has brought many great minds to sheer madness.


This Warframe is intended to be an endgame frame for highly advanced players. Mastery rank requirement would most likely be around 18, though I wouldn't be surprised if DE made it 20+ given his utility and power. His appearance is intended to be that of a shirtless monk with long beard locks, and a shoulder cape on his left shoulder. He, obviously, should also have a loincloth reaching his ankles almost.

What do you guys think? A frame like this would be refreshing or no?


Edit: So, to nerf him just a bit, I was thinking of having all abilities with the exception of Mystic Armor and Stone Heart only be active as long as Archaeon stays within that ability's select school. That way, people don't go crazy with the gates. I've also been working on the lore a little bit for him as well as a simple quest.

Lore: Archaeon was a lost warframe sent into the void shortly after the zariman incident. After the Orokin lost contact, Archaeon drifted in the void for millenia, his operator eventually dying from madness after learning the void's forbidden knowledge. After that, as an effect of the void, Archaeon developed sentience based off his operator's consciousness. From then on, he created blueprints to replicate his body, so that when a worthy tenno came, he could gift them his power. His replicate frames are significantly weaker than him though, and do not encompass his entire power. He tends to the derelict he lives on with great care, planting gardens of herbs, carving ornate furniture from Orokin Ivory, and brewing near perfect teas using the herbs of his garden. When visiting him on his derelict, he will often offer tea to the tenno, claiming it will bring him great joy if one would enjoy it. He also has a pet Kavat named Abbey. Abbey has also been altered severely by the void, giving her supernatural powers (and beauty) similar to Archaeon's (minus the beauty). She is also so incredibly intelligent, she can speak through telepathy. Archaeon as a character is meant to represent a father of sorts, acting in tandem with the Lotus. He is supposed to guide the tenno in their transition from a child to a young adult.

Personality: Archaeon is quirky and rather eccentric, adding some more in-your-face humor to the game. He is sympathetic and merciful with Grineer, believing them to be tortured and misguided. The corpus have earned his deepest scorn and are wiped out with extreme prejudice as he knows of the actions of Alad V. The infested are seen as animals suffering in agony to him, as such, he often kills them quickly and painlessly. The Stalker and his acolytes simply disappoint him, and he kills them out of pity. With the tenno, he is somewhat strict and harsh, but exceedingly kind and gentle when they've earned or need it. Fear and panic are lost to him, and he rarely ever shows powerful emotion aside from hysterical laughter.

Fun Facts: (these will only be seen on him and not his replica warframes)

- His ring finger on his left hand is missing.

- On his right hand, the index, ring and thumb all have rings on them

- Archaeon can see a short ways into the future if he focuses

- He lost track of Abbey's birthday more than 400 years ago. His own more than 800.


NPC Abilities: Aside from free tea (Yay!), Archaeon can also use his knowledge of the void to further enhance weapons and warframes. If normal weapons and frames are brought to him, they will become "Masterwork" however, if prime weapons and frames are brought to him, they could become "Umbra" (This is dependent entirely on DE and this feature will likely stick to Masterwork items only. If DE decides to incorporate Umbra in this fashion, yay, but this is a suggestion entirely dependent on how DE wants the lore to work)

Archaeon will also act as another assassin for the tenno. If indicted by another player during competitive play, Archaeon will hunt the tenno, but it can be avoided if the tenno goes to Archaeon's derelict and offers him endo for an absolution. After a tenno is absolved, they cannot be indicted for 3 days.

Quest: (The War Within must be completed before this can be active) The quest will begin with an energy signature at the edge of the origin system which the tenno is commissioned to investigate by the Lotus. Upon reaching it, it is in near pristine condition, and the tenno will be addressed as an invader if inside their warframe, but as a guest if outside it. At their objective there will be a dining table, with Archaeon sitting at it. On the table are cups of tea, and Archaeon will not speak to the tenno unless they take a sip. Once they do, they will begin conversing, with Archaeon pointing out that the tenno will want his blueprints towards the end. He takes them on a tour, showing the tenno his creations and explaining his life. During this, he will guide the tenno by the hand asking questions about their school of thought and very well being. At the end he will send the tenno on three missions, a spy mission, a mobile defense, and an assassination. at the end of each he will reward a piece of his blueprint and the key blueprint at the end of all three. At the end of his quest he will ask that the tenno visit him from time to time, and keep in touch as he will have high reward missions waiting for them.

On occasion there will be an alert in his very home, where he contacts the tenno saying "There are invaders in my home, please come at your earliest convenience, tenno." other times he will call to ask you to recover a special herb for a masterwork tea.

The tenno can also take tea from his home and drink it in the orbiter while outside the warframe. No benefits will be awarded, but it's great for roleplay.

Edited by Densetsu_No_Hikari
Added more info and powers. Changed expected mastery rank. Expanded upon passive and added deeper explanation. Added more to lore, personality and fun facts cause why not. Further nerfed powers in the Dragon school. Added assassination mechanic.
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so holly S#&$.. that Sound awesome...but at the same time like an overpowered Chroma....i think this mastery rak should be even higher.

However this concept is really amazing and interesting. I like the idea of having 4 different Schools..but the way how they will work with each other should be a Little bit more explained. just Imaging a Situation with high Level enemies, you cast 1 School the mystic armor, then Switch to 2 School and cast Illusion gate on an enemie. then go back to first School cast the third and forth ability at the same time and then go to the third School cast cataclysmic gate to deal even more damage then Switch to the forth School and cast Spirit walk and go back to third School and cast breath of the cosmos in mid air......that sounds so broken....i love it...

But maybe try to explain a Little bit more how you would like how those abilities work together...but the idea is really awesome.


If you don´t mind i would give a try and draw this bad boy

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11 hours ago, (PS4)B_Psycho2 said:

This thing is quite the amalgamation..


I dunno about the stress things

Or the No shields



It's got Nyx, Limbo, Trinity etc

The stress mechanic is a way to keep players on their toes when using him. This way, players are forced to be either very stealthy, or very aggressive, as the combat high renders the effects of stress irrelevant. No shields is also a way to keep players micromanaging, as they will need to rely on Mystic Armor which turns the energy bar into a shield bar. Towards the beginning of a fight, they'll need to watch his stress and his energy, as maxing out on one and running out on another will be a death sentence. This way, he is much more difficult to use than any other frame, thus denoting his endgame status.

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Sorry to Nekro, but this is awesome. Perhaps Archaeon could have different reactions to different Warframes. For example, the more "Mystic" Warframes(Nekros, Limbo, ect.) could elicit a welcoming, but wary greeting, while the more "Monstrous" Warframes(Chroma, Rhino, ect.) would recieve a more hostile, commanding response.

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On 11/29/2016 at 1:41 PM, LOD07 said:

DFDB87D1FF31C55CECE10AB1C46BF8D01F774AD1Here it is, i hope you guys like it

I'm definitely digging it. Maybe with his shoulder cape players can put a sigil of their choice on it, adding to customization.


Think you could go farther and draw a picture of him in hypermode? I was thinking there could be ethereal tendrils of void energy moving on his body.

Edited by Densetsu_No_Hikari
Added suggestion. To my own work... wow.
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10 hours ago, Densetsu_No_Hikari said:

Actually, I don't believe I'm familiar with it

ehh just tought so due to fact that i'm curently covering name of one object that is very important for my quest's story under codename of Library, but oh well preson keeping it in good shape i useing warfame of my own concept.

BTW interested in reading my quest concept ?

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Well, this thread was short lived...

It'd really be a shame if this were to be archived and forgotten, if you guys really like this concept, please spread the word.

If it came directly from me, it'd be deemed biased, and I want to give the community the choice.

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On 6.12.2016 at 2:47 AM, Densetsu_No_Hikari said:

Well, this thread was short lived...

It'd really be a shame if this were to be archived and forgotten, if you guys really like this concept, please spread the word.

If it came directly from me, it'd be deemed biased, and I want to give the community the choice.

I think it's because you overcomplicated it. This frame would be awesome for an RPG Warframe, it would be wonky at best (in use) in normal combat warframe. I mean it looks cool, is absurdly powerful (too much even, but it's not uncommon to have your creations buffed up to oblivion) but most people would hit random buttons and hope for the right thing to click. 

As for his passive, instead of blurring stuff out, he could have tinted screen (something like hue bar in photoshop, where green is main color but the contrasts are purple or whatever) and depending on which state he is, he has various tints to the screen. Would be much easier to notice.



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1 hour ago, _Pats_ said:

I think it's because you overcomplicated it. This frame would be awesome for an RPG Warframe, it would be wonky at best (in use) in normal combat warframe.


I was actually thinking about what a high skill-cap Warframe would be like, and this fits the image perfectly.

I'll use Overwatch for an example in this; not the game itself, but the heroes you can play as.

The heroes all have different skill tiers; heroes like Soldier: 76 are easy to play, and not that hard to master; however, the most he can really do is just aim and kill.  He can occasionally heal, and occasionally shoot a rocket, but other than that, he's just a simple concept of a run-and-gun player.

Genji, on the other hand, has a very high skill rating; he's hard to play, and even harder to master, but once you do master him, you can easily do 5x more than the Soldier: 76 can do, because Genji is more versatile, especially when you have all his tricks up your sleeve.

In this case, Archaeon would be alike.  He's a complicated, yet powerful warframe; and when you've fully "Unlocked" his full potential, you can go around and deliver a can of whoop-&#! to every enemy you see.  

I think this would genuinely be the first case of an actually hard-to-play Warframe.  There are some harder Warframes to play; such as Limbo, Ash, Ivara, Titania, and there are some High-potential Warframes; such as Inaros, Saryn, Wukong, Equinox, Zephyr, but Archaeon, if ever added, would actually, and truly, be a combination of both, and one of the highest in skill cap, and highest in difficulty.  Would really be interesting to see a Warframe with such potential.


Although I should add; some of the powers are a bit too strong, especially in the Dragon School, and the Passive is a bit too complicated and seems a bit broken.  I can agree on the extreme energy regen, so long as he has a very high energy cap, and uses a lot of energy in his moves (For instance; where any other Warframe would use 25 for an ability, Archaeon would use 100-200; if you would keep it at 20energy/s.)  If you want any chance at this being in the game I'd suggest toning down the strength in most of his abilities, because it should be taken into consideration that if people do start mastering Archaeon, with the abilities he has listed here, there'd barely be a reason for anyone to use any other Warframe.

Edited by 420dankmemes
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These abilities are interesting, but... They seem a little too cramped in only one frame. We already have problems using all 4 abilities on a single Warframe with 300 base energy, much less 16 on a 200 energy frame. I don't think he should be able to simply cycle through the schools while inside the mission. I think it should be like Chroma, but more varied (not just "changes the element, and this stat right here"), where you enter the mission lnowing which school you'll be using and have the frame built around that. All these powers are literally too much to bear, or even being used with the others, no matter the MR limit you put to it. Maybe changing your animation would change the school you'll be using during the mission.

Also, the suggestion about that NPC... Without offense, but it makes it sound like some Mary Sue OC. The quest itself seems interesting, needing to refrain from using your warframe to get a really powerful one, but Archeon as a character seems too... much, all of a sudden.


Edit: and that passive: we know, it's an advanced frame and all, but that thing it downright confusing. I know this is supposed to be hard to use, but come on, how are you supposed to know, even remember, that passive? There's not physically enough space in the section dedicated to warframe passives.

Edited by Aiuth
Forgot to put a thought about the passive
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  • 3 weeks later...
On 12/11/2016 at 2:35 AM, Aiuth said:

Also, the suggestion about that NPC... Without offense, but it makes it sound like some Mary Sue OC. The quest itself seems interesting, needing to refrain from using your warframe to get a really powerful one, but Archeon as a character seems too... much, all of a sudden.


Edit: and that passive: we know, it's an advanced frame and all, but that thing it downright confusing. I know this is supposed to be hard to use, but come on, how are you supposed to know, even remember, that passive? There's not physically enough space in the section dedicated to warframe passives.

As far as the NPC aspect of Archaeon, most of what is known about him is meant to be introduced organically and unobtrusively. You won't be told right off the bat that he adores tea, and you won't really be properly introduced to Abbey either. Because he is a neutral, nonplayable character, his impact on the world is limited and doesn't exactly exert control over the tenno, far less than the Lotus at least. To actually learn about Archaeon, players need to spend time around him, casual players won't be bothered with it and won't have to sit through it. NPCs like this are soon to be a major part of Warframe as it expands and improves itself.

As far as the passive, it can be simplified to this: being seen and taking damage results in a debuff that gets stronger with time, while dealing damage results in a buff that gets stronger as more damage is dealt. The rest of the details are simply mechanical and how it will work, every detail is not required to make effective use of his passive. Furthermore, this would be a step in the right direction for warframe passives as displayed by Nidus, who had his own energy economy to contend with. In truth I only see confusion and misunderstanding over the passive due to poor explanation on my part. It's actually just as simple as I explained it as.

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