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Game not playable after Host migration at Meso fissure defense


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I was playing Meso fissure defense today and and the host left @ wave 15. So host migration started and after the host migration the game I was unable to continue playing. The game itself did NOT crash.

The first time I was able to choose a relic. But then I couldn't move my tenno or do something with him. Enemies didn't spawn as well. /unstuck did work but I was still unable to do something. I was able to press esc and abort mission. > All rewards lost + relics used also lost, very frustrating!

I decided to restart the game and try again. Again, a host left at wave 15 and this time I couldn't even choose my relic (see pic). I was able to write something in chat but couldn't do anything else. Had to close game with alt+f4.



Same thing happened yesterday at an exca mission as the host left ingame...

Please fix this. Already lost 8+ relics + rewards of 3 missions...

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This is happening more than just where you described.. Virtually every repeatable fissure mission has this issue if host leaves, either by complete halting the gameplay (as in nothing is happening except sounds when firing weapon). Since countless rewards has been lost (50+ for me), and this bug has been in the game for a little while it looks pretty grim.

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