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New Relics Disappearing?


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So I was doing a Axi V4 Rad with a group and I happen to get Cernos BP first try. I had another Axi V4 Rad relic and was about to use it next run but before I could even open the relic page the host started the game, so we capture target and everything. get done with the mission. I go back to the Void Relic Refinment and my 2nd Axi V4 Rad relic is gone. Same thing has happen to a few of my other relics that have the new stuff in them. I had 2 Meso C2 relics and those dissapeared. idk what's going on but this is really upsetting when I'm thinking I had some relics for the new stuff to run and after I'm done with my mission they are all just gone. If anyone else has had this problem please let me know.

Also I have done Axi V4,V5, and Meso V3, yet thier progress has not showed up in the codex when I have made them Radiant.

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