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[Warframe Concept] Vandal, Corpus Warframe


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After making the Grineer Warframe concept with some clan members, I began to think of a Corpus styled Warframe. I would like to know your thoughts and suggestions. The name Vandal was suggested by 0zyrel, and the abilities were based off his suggestions. Again, I am a terrible artist, so imagine a slender frame with a Corpus helmet (without the visor part which they see through) who has the color scheme of Vandal weapons. (I know the Corpus attempt to make Warframes and fail, but the idea is that the Corpus base their tech from Vandal and his tech).

Base Health, Unranked: 100

Base Shield, Unranked: 175

Base Armor: 15

Base Energy, Unranked: 100

Roles: DPS/Support

Ability 1, Level 1: MAT (Mobile Automatic Turret). Deploys a mobile turret which fires automatically. Turret health is based on Power Strength. Cannot cast again until original MAT is destroyed.

Ability 1, Level 2: Turret gains more health, becomes immobile, fires faster, and deals extra Magnetic damage

Ability 2, Level 1: TSD (Tactical Support Drone). Deploys a small flying drone that provides shield to allies and heals them over time. Drone health dependent on Power Strength. Cannot cast again until original TSD is destroyed.

Ability 2, Level 2: Drone gains more health, provides more shields, heals faster, and gives over-shield to full health allies

Ability 3, Level 1: HBT (Heavy Beam Turret). Deploys a large turret that is powered by allied shields. While powered, releases shockwaves that knockdown foes and attacks enemies with laser attacks. Turret health dependent on Power Strength. Cannot cast again until original HBT is destroyed.

Ability 3, Level 2: Turret gains more health, no longer needs to be powered by shields, and spawns two immobile Grenade turrets next to it. Grenade turrets health dependent on Power Strength.

Ability 4: VWO (Vandal Wireless Overclock). Upgrade all currently deployed tech to Level 2 while being channeled. Vandal becomes immune to CC while this ability is being channeled. Other abilities cannot be used while channeling.

Passive: Enemies killed by Vandal's tech have a 75% chance to drop Energy.

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So a Corpus Vauban with turrets instead of traps? I'm surprised, but it looks great. Well at least the abilities. Not a fan of Corpus/Grineer/Infested/Other Warframe concepts, but this could be interresting. The Xiphos' turret is probably one of the most useful landing craft support, so having a Warframe able to cast something similar and/or better would be pretty good. 

I like how some of the abilities have counterpart, like the shield drain of the "HBT" or the "MAT" becoming immobile when upgraded, and the synergie with the ult reinforcing the mechs. It makes them a bit less OP, like Valkyr's Hysteria increasing the energy drain per/sec when used or Corrupted mods. 

The thing is that the Warframe's Shield is way too high. Yes, hps, energy and armor are basic/low, but 250 base shield is to much...


Maybe this Warframe could have extremely low energy or none, but a very powerfull shield that work as energy, like this "HBT" turret, but for every abilities. This could be a way to add the Corpus theme of this Warframe concept. It would be like if they couldn't find the "energy" the Tennos use to power up a Warframe, so they used what they are usualy working with, Shields. 


I have to say that this is the first concept of this kind that I like, so I hope it will help you :). You may not like my ideas, but whatever. Everybody has his own opinion, so if you dislike them, I won't be mad.

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I went with high shield because it fit with the Corpus design, but it can be lowered, and probably should be now that I look at the shields of other Waframes. I'll edit it down to 175, still higher than other frames' but not ridiculously high.

EDIT: I forgot to say, I like the concept of using shield for Energy, but it doesn't fit the concept that the Corpus found Vandal and based their tech from his.

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Well they could have done some expiriment on him, like Valkyr. Like extracting his "energy reserve" or whatever to analyse it, but without energy, he started channeling his powers by using his shield, or something like that. It could also come with a new Boss or even a Zanuka rework, something based on Vandal's tech. 

And for the Shield, I agree that 175 is a good amount. Only Frost Prime has that much base Shield, but his armor is high too, unlike your Vandal. 

But with Shield-powered abilities (if you decide to add this feature of course), it would probably need a bit more, like 200 or 225.

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