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The War Within Poster


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Looks like an F12 to me.

I dont want ot be rude of course if you draw that you are prety good but all the detail reminds me of an f12 in the ww page


with the correct link and reasearch 






still i didn't found the mag when i was going trought fast but you get the idea

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12 minutes ago, (PS4)kamil_demon said:

Yh I compared and I see no difference I'm not picking sides but I'm leaning over to copy 

black tones are blacker some of the colors are more saturated and the tennobet has slightly less opacity 

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9 minutes ago, Pamelz said:

It`s not copy, guys :)

Just to add to your point with this picture

 If you guys are talking about this poster.

1- The shadow in the back are not uniform not like JackShepardN7 version.

2- There is no orokin writing on the border ( at least none that i can see ^.^ )

So basicly its not the same BUT

A lot of the added features seems to be exact as those from the website. My best bet its not a drawing but its a rly well made montage of data taken from the website.

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