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the thing with the pod-defense on grineer ship-titlesets


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the one with the platform moveing up and down. while i not really like the time loss when the thing is moving, and the next wave waiting for it to arrive before starting, it is not what i wanted to mention. the bug i want to talk about is when doing this mission (e.g. helene on saturn) and a host migration happen (yeah, again thats the reason for so many bugs, isn't it?) - while all kind of missfortune happen with that occurance, this one is rather harmless but still annoying: after (or better IF) the migration is done, quite often the next wave of enemies are spawning in their rooms but not moving towards the objective. so the rest of the team sure have an easy going by running from spawnpoint to spawnpoint and clearing them out (multiple times of course) - easy enough, but it takes much more time this way. the problem will fix itself as soon as the platform with the cryopod moves either up or down for the next (few) wave(s) - after that happens, all is normal again.

so maybe some change in the ai-behavior would fix this? or maybe (for i think its a script related thing), a little more delayed execution of the offending script would also do it. btw, its not the only occurance of this "lazy-mob" behaviour i had them on the ceres outdoor defense (the one with the lightnings striking us - even indoors, sometimes ^^) and the moving tramp on wich the pod rest - there, the problem also fixed itself when the pod is moved. on other maps, the problem won't fix itself - since there isn't a moving pod (or none pod at all, if it's a different mission type). the trigger is always a host migration, and i wager the solution could also be the same.

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