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Oberon Rework: Status King.


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Always thought of Oberon as the status king since he came out - before so many other warframes got abilities to remove statuses. Plus he drops from Eximus units which I think should play into his lore a bit. 

So my beef is Oberon is cool but not entirely end game viable but he can't be buffed too much since he's pretty much the new player's support frame simply due to accessibility as opposed to trinity, equinox - etc. This rework is going to try to make Oberon better as enemies get tougher and more dynamic as the player progresses with mods - hopefully maintaining some balance. 

Passive: Beastmaster + Alchemist


His current passive can stay, I sort of like it. But in addition we add this since Beastmaster isn't very useful: 

  • The bonus type damage from Bullet Jump exilus mods like "Firewalker" and "Battering Maneuver" is added as 50% extra damage to all of his abilities.

Smite remains the same with the addition of Orbs having a 30% chance to inflict an additional random status per orb. (Increased to 60% for Exilus type)

Note: The only combined element damage Oberon can Inflict is Radiation. 


Hallowed Ground: 



Remains the same with the addition of:

  • Increases armor by 100% of Oberon's base.
  • Hallowed Ground spawns a elemental clone of Oberon in the center of the area draws aggro and damages nearby enemies. (Damage type is radiation + Exilus type) 
  • Hallowed Ground damage type is also Radiation + Exilus type 




  • Spoiler


    • Full channeled ability. 
    • Heal over time is reduced to 25 health per second at max base.
    • Gains 30% damage reflection for 10s every time a status effect is inflicted. (+25 energy if status matches exilus type) 
      • This doesn't stack but will reset timer if triggered again. 
    • Phoenix Renewal does an 5m AoE on activation with 50% chance to inflict radiation or exilus type status. (100% radiation if no Bullet jump mod is equipped)



  • Spoiler


    • Increased blind radius by 3m
    • 50% chance to inflict random status on blinded enemies
    • 100% chance to inflict exilus status on blinded enemies



    So essentially Oberon becomes slightly better for everyone and exceptionally better if you can unlock an exilus slot and have the right mods.


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The monthly rework thread is accomplishing little.  At this rate they will just copy/paste forum suggestions again, and we don't want that.  When giving feedback, try to focus on what the issues are, rather than proposing alternatives.   That's all we can really do, since DE won't even acknowledge issues with existing design except on a very superficial level.  

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Oberon is great in endgame, and in some ways, facing eximus actually make him better. He can turn enemies against each other, after all. Also, I really don't like the idea of a rework only based around 7 arguably bad mods, especially exilus mods. I think some of those mods are OK, but this would hardly change anything for Oberon. I know the only ones I'd actually use are the slash one, the cold one, and maybe the electricity one.

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