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Meso S1 Relic bug


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Recently, a friend of mine(IGN: 'R_B_R_S') experienced a bug on PS4 Warframe and cannot seem to log in to submit a ticket. 


The issue at hand is he was running a Meso Exterminate on Ker(14-16), Ceres, with a Meso S1 Radiant Relic, and after collecting 10 reactant was removed from his mission. He was completely kicked out, and he was NOT given the relic back, as if he failed or disconnected. I can provide as much details as needed, but otherwise there aren't many details. His removal was unexplained and spontaneous, with no completion of the mission, nor notifications of failing. And the relic was not refunded, as is normal with failing or aborting a mission.


Reply with any responses or send me responses personally and I will inform of any more details that are required.

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