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Feedback on Orokin Moon Tilset - The "Musical Memory" Room


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As some of you might know, this is a special room that randomly spawns like the "Halls of Accession" rooms. Set in one section within curving corridors are two ornate, rotating spindles that play back music crafted by musicians from the Orokin era. There is a central pit with 3 platforms on one edge that have three pressure plates each - with the exception of the top-most one that has only 2 and a terminal. Activating the terminal causes a 5-note vocal chorus to be played back from the pressure plates, which light up blue as they're "played"; Each plate plays a particular vocal note. "Replaying" the sequence by triggering the right pressure plates in the right order solves the puzzle and causes an Orokin Container to materialize in another part of the room: The Container usually contains a large cache of Credits and sometimes a pre-built Forma.

Reward aside, I just wanted to say that this is such a wonderful and elegant puzzle room. In addition to the fantastic layout and architecture of the room, the ambient music from the spindles is lush and peaceful (reminds me of some songs by Cocteau Twins and Clan of Xymox that I love) , and the singing from the pressure plates is quite beautiful. Sometimes I'll run solo Exterminate missions on Lua in the hopes of running across this room and just chilling out in there for a while...sometimes jumping back and forth between plates and platforms to create my own "songs" without even trying to solve the puzzle...

This brings me to the two sole complaints I have with the room.

1. The room spawns too rarely.

2. The ambient music stops once the puzzle is solved.


I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to the following people:

Keith Power (I believe) for composing and recording the ambient / "spindle" music for the room. Your sound scores for Warframe are just amazingly emotive and descriptive and this piece is no exception. Keep up the amazing work. I wish I could download that bit of music so I can listen to it when I'm away from the computer.

Whoever did the singing for the notes. You really have a wonderful voice.

Whoever came up with the idea for this room. The puzzle itself is both fun and challenging without being, in any way, shape, or form frustrating. The whole ambiance and layout of the room is rich in lore and historical significance within the world of the game: It speaks of an opulent society, now long gone, whose upper classes were heavily immersed in visual / performance art.

Dammit...now I need to fire up Warframe again and find that room...

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