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[International] Marshmallow Knights!


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Hello everybody! Marshmallow Knights here!

We're so excited to tell you that we grew up so fast and we would like you to be part of this awesome community!

Clan Name: Marshmallow Knights

Clan Warlord: miguelsvx

Clan Members: 30/100

Clan Discord:  http://discord.gg/ybt8FUD

Alliance: Blood Order Alliance

Clan Emblem: 



Dojo Layout:


These are the initial setup of the clan dojo, and revisions here and there throughout the construction process

ttewYf4.png 5SrO3As.png PCRDgz9.png

Currently looking for a dojo layout designer :thumbsup:




P4As7vz.png pMt6Btf.png x4Pfquw.png Q4wB6fy.png


- just reply on this thread with your in - game name

- join the discord group and create a message to join in #waframe_chat

- or message me in game

Don't worry, "all" types of "players/tennos" are "welcome", like raid leaders, competitive, fun, friendly, talkative, and etc. 



i'll be updating this thread until it upgrades to mountain clan

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On 12/29/2016 at 6:28 AM, miguelsvx said:

@Excatibur when are you usually online so that i can add you to the clan? Are you on the discord group already?

I already sent you a friend request on warframe and i am mostly online from 10 AM to 9 PM UTC+03:00 and no i dont use discord but i might if i find it good.

Thanks in advance.


Master rank 7

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Wrong info written
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