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Unable to trade/ maroos bazaar glichy


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This is happening for a second time.  I'm unable to trade in trade chat. Since the index update I'm unable to trade with anyone. I can still join squads, complete missions, and chat to anyone. But when someone invites me to dojo I get kicked. When I invite them toy dojo... They get kicked. I try going  market and they can't find me and I can't find them. I've tested my connection and restarted the game and my console multiple times. Please help

I completely Uninstalled the game and reinstalled and was OK for a few weeks but now it's reverted to the same problem. 

problems with maroos bazaar is that the names and items above players completely disappear. No one in the trade area can see what items are being offered and they completely depend on the relay chat menu to see whats being offered. Also what happens is the names of players become stationary at times. When I turn my frame the names remain in place and make very difficult to see who is in the relay and who left. 

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