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discussion on a fair drop table 2.0


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for defense mission a balanced drop table to me, how would it be if it was 2x drop tables every 2 rotations for now? so basically every 40 waves so run 85 waves and the that last wave you get 4 drops. this is not a relic cracking suggestion. i think DE did a good job with the prime drops. just not the farming of relics/ other stuff they might add to the drops. rotation a b c a may need to be removed and all drops should be pure rng, unless its a prime drop then i like the a b c a b c a b c variable no 2x every 40 waves.

what is you guys suggestions for survival i cant really figure it out( a timed mission sounds a bit pain full. what if it was score driven the higher the score of the team the the closer the drops get to 2xing

excavation is just god tear. - wanting suggestions, basically the only good way i farm relics, could be better?? could be worse... up to you (basically the easyer it is to get relics the harder it is to get parts. bare this in mind.

and spy maybe give them 3 relic drops and add an new mission called endless spy were you go though all these random spy missions and each time they get harder and harder. the rewords will double after 4 successful missions- fail one spy then it starts over!! or the same thing but you lose every thing and gain 2x every 2 missions. 

this is just a discussion were i am building a suggestion. so i will want to take notes!! if this is well thought out and i mean really well thought out image warframe getting better and De making that so.

make your farming a happy enjoyable experience help my dream come to light. i think there should be a causal version and a epic version of this. and i am doing lith to axi. XD

like wave level start 15 or level 40 or 80 so on and so forth.

i also understand warframe is very much a broken game and this is not a good idea yet by any means. lets change that. :)


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I am gonna agree with some of the things you said. The a a b c thing should go and should just be a b c. A CHANCE to drop something else would be cool too.

Also a good idea from a game i shall not name (ok lets call it 1st mmo :P) has a system where you can buy a "token" with ingame currency and use it to get another roll on an item. In warframe case, have a certain syndicate/market item allow us to use said token to get another chance at an extra rng item at then end of a wave/extract/endofmission/etc.

For nonabuse purposes make it so that you can only use a token x amount of times throughout the week.

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