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Mirage's Hall of Mirrors paired with Nightwatch Napalm Mod causes Friendly Fire


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Ogris with the Nightwatch Napalm Mod attatched makes it a decent weapon, but that charge time is a huge drawback. Having Mirage and multiply the shots makes it somewhat bearable. I haven't used the Ogris since getting the mod, but after getting a Riven Mod for the Ogris from Sorties, (+ fire rate, + magazine capacity, + crit damage) I decided to use it again. While playing mobile defense in pubs, I use the Napalm effects to block the doors. A teammate was trying to get items near the door and he was caught in flames and was downed. Then another teammate tried to revive him and he went down as well.

I know that the Ogris does self-damage when shot too close, so I'd assume the flames would do the same thing, because fire bad. Then after testing it out in the Simulacrum, it shows that the flames from the mod doesn't do any self-damage. This is without Hall of Mirrors active btw.



With Hall of Mirrors activated, on the other hand...


I'm caught in the blaze, as well as risking my teammates with killing them. Now I can't pair Mirage and Ogris together anymore till this get fixed. There have been several others that also posted about this bug for a while now, as far back as July. Most of them were brief descriptions and got buried away as time went by.


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It's a bug that affects all weapons with projectiles that can outlast HoM. If HoM ends while there are weapon projectiles in the world that were created by the clones, their allegiance becomes undefined, allowing them to harm everything regardless of faction. Torid and Tonkor are two other prominent examples.

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