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PS4: The War Within Update Status [Now Available!]


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2 hours ago, [DE]Drew said:


We're busy preparing a PS4 build with the hopes of submitting for certification at the end of the week! This build includes up to U19.1.1.1 plus potentially some additional fixes as necessary. 

This update includes:

  • The War Within Quest
  • Ash Deluxe Skin + Rework
  • New Kuva Fortress Tileset
  • Sortie changes
  • Endless Void missions
  • New weapons
  • New cosmetics
  • and much more!

I'll update this thread with new information as we receive it. 

i want dat cannon naaaaoooo, also, time to give teshin the beatin' for all the BS and squeakers i had to go through just for extra relic packs while putting the 80 plat i spent on the manduka suit and my adorable-a$$ teddy bear feet to good use

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6 hours ago, (PS4)MoneyEscobar2in1 said:

QUESTION: I notice that The War Within will be replayable at Launch, will the Recurring Dreams Update where the Second Dream Quest will be added in the console update too?

Would be pumped if they let us replay all the quests cause I accidentally sold Chroma and the Broken-War :'(

Edit: Also skipped most of the story-line lmao

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