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Can you still get Ugly Kavats?


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I just finally got around and gathered enough stuff to build a Kavat, i rememeber hearing in a devstream when the Kavats where just released that they would be working on making them prettier and the wiki didnt helped much. While i have nothing against wanting a pretty little murder kitty i would love if Kavats could come out kinda ugly, makes them feel more natural and i do love me some ugly companions to spread fear among the battlefield, maybe scare some friends.

I would say the same to Kubrows but they would be on the oposite end cause they are all ugly, and we love them for it but could use a few cuties, can we have a Pug Kubrow? can that be a thing? heavy breading and all?

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I do not use them all bc they are ugly asf.

That is why i only use sentinels.

None of them look like they could do any damage.

Kubrows: Hairy ugly Pigs with some teeths

Kavat (trashkat): slim kitkat with a such small mouth it only can bite paperboys.

None of them look/feel like they are usefule in a fight.

Why not Kubrow look like this:


Or kavas look something like this:


A Ranged/Spy version:


Not identical by any meaning but,...

somehow that kind of "i will hurt someone look".

Until then...i will stick to sentinels only... to bad... i just can not stand it, to walk with that nonsense ugly pets arround. ?

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